Could one or more of you point me to what you consider to be a really good short introduction to preterism?  (By "short" I mean a short article, not a short book.  :-)




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Well, since "SHORT" is my name ... lol...I will give you the top of my list!


Reading the Bible Through New Covenant Eyes  by Alan Bondar


He also is the pastor of Messiah Reformed Church here in Fort Myers. 


There are many other great resources too...there are links to books and other informative preterist sites and ministries at:  Reaching Out Ministry.  Hope that helps!  Blessings, wanda

Here is a slide presentation that might be a good start.  It is fairly short.

Here is a video that may help.



Thanks, everyone!


Hey Jeff...if you don't mind an audio file vs. a written publication - here is last week's New Covenant Eyes show on the network...Alan Bondar, Mike Grace, Jeremiah Thompson (and a smidgeon of Mike Loomis thrown in :-)  did an overview of Preterism in one hour! 

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