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Re: My brothers death

On March 25th, we left for Oklahoma to have a birthday party with my mom and myself, my b-day was the 23rd, and hers the 26th. Unfortunately the day of the party my 58 year old brother who lived there with them,passed away right before our eyes. I tried doing cpr as I had just took the training from my work. I feel that God blessed us to be able to be with hiim at his passing, but it was still a bitter sweet moment.

Please pray for my family for their comfort and peace in the days… Continue

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website link to George Fox/Hall Worthington

Actually Hall worthington wrote some of these writings also.I just found this site today, oru fellow ship group is coming to understand this too! Praise God, we are beginning to see him in his fullness.

I believe this is where the holy spirit is leading me to understand the truth about him, and more about the Kingdom, and the new jerusalem.

Read through the lettters they are very informative.

Love in Christ

Your… Continue

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Explanation of the Kingdom written by: George Fox a Quaker

The Second Appearance of Jesus with his Kingdom

is a Personal Experience!

Even so it is that Christ,

having been offered to take upon Himself

and bear as a burden the sins of many once and once for all,

will appear a second time, to us spiritually

not to carry any burden of sin nor to deal with sin,

but to bring to full salvation those who are waiting for and expecting… Continue

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Who we are in Christ

As a person having been openly rejected from my birth religion, because my husband and myself came to understand grace,I thank God for being able to grow in the grace and knowledge of my lord and savior Jesus Christ.

.We moved from our home and landed in Alpena Arkansas 20 years ago. This was preperatory time with God in the wilderness.My husband and myself we just got closer to God, without fellowship with other like minded… Continue

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