Text-to-Movie (Bahnsen / Stein Debate)

There's this really neat web site that lets you create little dialogue scripts, and then it creates a video from the script. For example, here's one I did of a portion of the Bahnsen / Stein debate "Does God Exist?"


I thought some of you might find this technology interesting and be able to do something interesting with it.

(Warning, if you try making a movie, create an account first! Unless their bug is fixed, if you create a movie first, and then create your account while you're in the process of saving your first movie, you'll loose that first movie. So just create your account first, log in, then create your first movie and it should be fine.)

It's lots of fun, and could be pretty useful.

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Comment by Jason King on March 23, 2010 at 2:06am
Awesome, thanks :)

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