Comparative Scripture Charts as Relates to the Second Coming of Christ - (per James Stuart Russell)

Comparative Scripture Charts as Relates to the Second Coming of Christ
(Taken from the book "The Parousia" by James Stuart Russell)

Chart 1—The Parousia To Take Place Within The Lifetime Of Some Of The Disciples.

Chart 2—The Reward Of The Disciples In The Coming Æon, I.E. At The Parousia

Chart 3—Parable Of The Wicked Husbandmen.

Chart 4—The Woes Denounced On The Scribes And Pharisees.

Chart 5—The (Second) Lamentation Of Jesus Over Jerusalem.

Chart 6— The Interrogatory Of The Disciples

Chart 7— Our Lord's Answer To The Disciples— (a) Events Which More Remotely Were To Precede The Consummation.

Chart 8— (b) Further Indications Of The Approaching Doom Of Jerusalem

Chart 9 —(c) The Disciples Warned Against False Prophets.

Chart 10— (d) The Arrival Of The 'End,' Or The Catastrophe Of Jerusalem.

Chart 11— (e) The Parousia To Take Place Before The Passing Away Of The Existing Generation.

Chart 12— (f) Suddenness Of The Parousia, And Calls To Watchfulness.

Chart 13— (g) The Disciples Warned Of The Suddenness Of The Parousia.

Chart 14— Parable Of The Goodman Of The House.

Chart 15— The Description Of The ‘Coming Of The Son Of Man In His Glory’

Chart 16— Our Lord ' S Declaration Before The High Priest.

Chart 17— The Apostolic Commission.

Chart 18— 1. The Apostasy, Predicted By Our Lord.

Chart 19— 2. The Apostasy, Predicted By St. Paul.

Chart 20— 3. The Apostasy, Predicted By St. Peter.

Chart 21— 4. The Apostasy, Predicted By St. Jude.

Chart 22— 5. The Apostasy, Predicted By St. John.

Chart 23— Opening Of The Sixth Seal And The Olivet Discourse

Chart 24—The Numerical Value Of Nero Caesar In Hebrew

Chart 25— The Correspondence Between The Seven Trumpets And The Seven Vials

Chart 26— The Contrasts Between The New Jerusalem and The Old Jerusalem

Chart 27— Identity Of The Beast With The Man Of Sin In 2 Thessalonians 2.

Chart 28— Eschatological Table, Or Conspectus Of Passages Relating To The Last Times.

Chart 29— Equivalent Phrases Referring To The Same Period.

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Comment by Michael Bennett on May 31, 2011 at 4:48pm
As Mike Sullivan put it....

Orthodox Amillennialism tells us that:

A (Matt. 24:27-31) = B (1 Thess. 4:15-17) and that both A (Matt. 24:27-31) and B (1 Thess. 4:15-17) = C (1 Cor. 15). While ignoring the “clear” proposition of Biblical and partial preterism on the imminent time texts, the traditional amilennialist sees that the analogy of Scripture and the fact that the NT only teaches ONE second coming (not a third) as the “speak more clearly” teaching of Scripture. We agree with them on this proposition.
Comment by Jason King on May 31, 2011 at 4:40pm
Awesome, Mike, thanks for posting this. Invaluable resource. :)

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